In Envirolyte we have developed a unique group of companies which is focussed on the water purification, sterilisation and disinfecting industries.

The roots of the group have developed through support and application of earlier technology including Electrolysed Water (EW, EOW or EO, also known as electrolyzed oxidizing water, electroactivated water or ionyzed water solution) in its earliest form.

We have brought to the above industries earlier experiences which have enabled us to better deliver potential and application of Electrolyzed Water technology to a wide array of industrial and domestic problems on a large scale. This gives us a strong technical edge over our competition and allows us to build a broad range of support services on a national and international basis.

Together with dedicated specialist companies we have built channels to market and service clients from the largest major corporate to the smallest domestic household, offering advice on all aspects of water purification, sterilisatioin and disinfecting.


The introduction of Envirolyte & ECO units marks a breakthrough in disinfection, sterilization and water purification technology.

  • Electrolyzed Water technology is unique to the Envirolyte group of companies and it is patented world wide.
  • Envirolyte, through the use of innovative technologies, has driven Electrolyzed Water to new heights and developed a range of manual and automated products that can be applied for use in a multitude of different applications.

The Envirolyte is owned by its management and has invented and patented industrial generators of disinfecting and washing solutions - Envirolyte®, domestic and commercial water ionizers - Envirolyte ECO®. Envirolyte is an intergrated group controlling all aspects of invention, development, manufacture and distribution of the products.

The main components of the Envirolyte Group are Envirolyte Industries International Ltd., Estonia (OEM and main operating company) and regional operating companies in Europe, North America, Mideast, Central Asia, Far East and Australia.